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Cleaners & Degreasers

After putting several rounds through your firearm, build up from lead, copper and other material begins to form. This build-up can lead to accuracy and function problems down the road. Our full line of gun cleaners and degreasers effectively cleanse all metal gun parts, bores and precision mechanisms.

Our complete product line includes:

  • Nitro Solvent, our time-tested and most popular solvent
  • Odorless Solvent for an effective, scent-free solution
  • Degreaser to eliminate mishaps caused by buildup of debris
  • Rust Remover to fix and stop problems caused by corrosion
  • Gun Blue to repair handsome blue-black finishes
  • Gun Cloth for a quick wipe down of all exterior surfaces

Foaming Bore Cleaner

Rust Remover

Model: 42492

Get an extremely easy, complete clean without a lot of vigorous brushing. All you need to do is simply spray, wait and wipe away. Foaming Bore Cleaner dissolves copper and powder residue quickly and effectively with no harsh chemicals.

  • Compact size for convenient storage or transport
  • Spray bottle designed for fast, accurate, reliable application
  • Foam turns blue as debris is removed, so you know it's working
  • Flexible dispenser tube for easy application into bore of firearm
Part # Description MSRP
42492 Foaming Bore Cleaner, 3-ounce Spray $9.45

Bore Clean Odorless Solvent

Bore Clean Odorless Solvent

This non-toxic solvent allows you to efficiently clean your firearm without worrying about strong odors and harmful solvents. Removes powder, lead and copper for a complete clean.

  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Removes 99% of powder fouling
  • Removes lead and copper fouling
Part # Description MSRP
42024 Bore Clean - Odorless Solvent Pump 4 oz $5.95

Nitro Solvent Gun Cleaner

Nitro Solvent

This powerful bore cleaner is for use in firearm barrels and on metal parts and mechanisms. Removes lead deposits, powder residue and copper fouling. Non-acid formula leaves behind a light layer of oil for corrosion protection.

  • Powerful bore cleaner
  • Cleans all metal firearm parts
  • Safely removes lead, powder and copper fouling
Part # Description MSRP
42032 Nitro Solvent 2 oz $3.45
42030 Nitro Solvent Pump 4 oz $5.95
42059 Nitro Solvent Aerosol 5 oz $6.45
42061 Nitro Solvent Aerosol 12 oz $7.45

Crud Cutter™ Cleaner/Degreaser

Crud Cutter

This effective cleaner quickly blasts away of grease, dirt and oil build-ups, while softening powder and plastic wad residue. It dries quickly without residue, leaving metal clean and free of debris. This product is also effective at removing plastic fouling from choke tubes.

  • Evaporates, leaving no messy residue
  • Quickly removes gummy build-ups of grease, dirt and oil
  • Cleans actions, gun parts and mechanisms without disassembly
Part # Description MSRP
42071 Crud Cutter $9.95

Silicone Gun And Reel Cloth

Silicone Gun And Reel Cloth

This canton-flannel polishing cloth is impregnated with lubricant, corrosion inhibitor and silicone ingredients. Excellent for removing smudges, streaks and oily fingerprints.

  • Canton-flannel polishing cloth is moistened with silicone, lubricants and corrosion inhibitors
  • Excellent for removing fingerprints
  • 17x17-inch cloth
Part # Description MSRP
45028 Silicone Gun And Reel Cloth $4.49

Gun Blue

Gun Blue

This cold blue chemical penetrates deep to leave a handsome, long-lasting, blue-black finish.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Permanent cold chemical bluer
  • Penetrates deep for a smooth blue-black finish
Part # Description MSRP
47058 Gun Blue Kit, Clam $11.95
42044 Gun Blue 2oz $4.95

Rust Remover

Rust Remover

Model: 42047

This rust remover eliminates and protects against rust and corrosion without removing gun bluing.

  • Eliminates rust
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Safe for use on blue-black finishes
Part # Description MSRP
42047 Rust Remover $3.45

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