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Disposable Pull Thru Kits

These compact kits quickly and conveniently clears gunk and junk from your barrel. It includes a pull-thru cable, a throwaway packet of cleaning solution and six felt cleaning wads, which should get you through a full day (or more) of activities. But wait until you get back to civilization before tossing away your used items, because your gun isn't the only thing we want to keep clean.

Features & Benefits:

  • Caliber-specific kits for rifles and universal option for shotguns
  • Designed for fast, convenient cleaning in the field
  • Includes pull-thru cable, felt cleaning wads and cleaning solution
  • Compact size for easy packing into gear bags or pockets


Pull Through Kits
  • 1 Long pull-through cable for rifles and shotguns
  • 6 Felt cleaning wads
  • 1 Small packet of cleaning solution
Part # Description MSRP
42002 Disposable Pull-Thru Kit—.22 cal $2.95
42004 Disposable Pull-Thru Kit—.243 cal $2.95
42006 Disposable Pull-Thru Kit—.270 cal $2.95
42008 Disposable Pull-Thru Kit—.30 cal $2.95
42010 Disposable Pull-Thru Kit—.338 cal $2.95
42012 Disposable Pull-Thru Kit—Shotgun $2.95

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