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Our assortment of specialty, gun-cleaning accessories helps you always have the right tool for a wide variety of dirty jobs. Keep your firearms clean and functioning properly by removing even the tiniest pieces of gunk, grime, dirt and debris.

This product line includes:

  • Bore Checker–a quick way to see your gun-cleaning accomplishments
  • Gun Cleaning Tool Set–a variety of task-specific, detail-specific utensils
  • Utility Gun Brush Set–a combination of rough and gentle brushes to scrub any type of surface

Bore Checker

Bore Checker

Use this to illuminate the bore of your firearm and verify cleanliness. Place small end of bore checker in chamber of firearm using a light source above it. Look through barrel from muzzle end to determine condition of barrel. Then clean and oil firearm as needed.

  • Illuminates the bore of your firearm to reveal cleanliness
  • Versatile–works in rifles, pistols and shotguns
  • Durable and compact–Take it anywhere
Part # Description MSRP
40868 Bore Checker $2.95

Gun Cleaning Tool Set

Gun Cleaning Tool Set

This assortment of cleaning picks easily removes small pieces of dirt and debris from hard to reach places such as the tight corners of actions and receivers. Also included is a universal double-ended brush for various cleaning chores.

  • Three double-ended picks allow access to hard-to-reach places
  • Stiff-nylon double ended brush tackles stubborn dirt and fouling
  • Ergonomic handles provide easy grip and use
Part # Description MSRP
41948 Gun Cleaning Tool Set $4.95

Utility Gun Brush Set

Utility Gun Brush Set

This 3-piece set brushes can handle virtually any cleaning job–There's a nylon brush for delicate and engraved parts, a phosphor bronze brush for aggressive cleaning of blued steel, and a stainless steel brush for the heavy jobs, such as the breech/bolt area.

  • Stainless Steel bush for aggressive cleaning of non-blued surfaces
  • Phosphor Bronze for heavily-used blued metals
  • Nylon for delicate parts and wooden surfaces–great for checkering and other carved parts
Part # Description MSRP
40835 Utility Gun Brush Set $7.45

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