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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'd like to talk to a Outers representative. When should I call?

A. We recently launched an improved phone system that ensures you speak with a live agent. Representatives are available to answer your calls between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.

Q: Where can I purchase your products?

A: Please visit our Dealer Locator to find a authorized retailer near you.

Q: I need miscellaneous parts for my cleaning kit.

A: For missing parts or replacement parts, Contact Outers Gun Care experts via email.

Q: How do you clean a gun?

A: Cleaning a gun is a seven-step process:

  1. Make Sure Firearm is Unloaded.

  2. Run a solvent soaked brush through the barrel a few times.

    To start the rod & brush through the barrel, grasp the rod near the rod tip section to get it started. Then push with the rod handle making sure to keep the rod at a straight angle with the gun barrel. Keeping the rod at a straight angle is especially important when using the Universal Kit rod (a .22 cal. rod) and when cleaning a .22 cal. rifle. Because of the small diameter of the .22 cal. aluminum rod.

  3. Remove brush and attach a tip. Add the patch and saturate it with solvent and work back and forth through the barrel. Make sure patch is snug in the barrel.

    Some customers prefer using the swab or mop instead of a patch.

    Check the bore with an Outers Bore Checker. If traces of metal fouling or lead flaking are visible, repeat steps 2 & 3.

  4. Use a dry patch to remove solvent.

  5. Clean action, slide mechanism or bolt with patches and solvent and wipe dry. For revolvers, clean each cylinder chamber from the rear with solvent, brush and patches. Pay special attention to forward ends of the cylinder chambers where fouling collects.

  6. After all parts have been thoroughly cleaned, run clean patch saturated with either gun oil or Tri-Lube through the barrel making sure all surfaces are lightly coated. (Tri-Lube is a lubricant and protects against rust as well as cleans and degreases.) Oil the revolver cylinders very sparingly. Apply gun oil or Metal Seal to all exterior metal surfaces. Wipe of excess.

  7. Before firing the gun after cleaning, run enough patches through the bore and chamber to remove any grease or oil present.

Q: What are the Outers brush, tip, and rod thread sizes?

Brush Thread Size
.17 cal. 5-40 threads
.22 cal 8-32 threads
.30 cal 8-32 threads
shotgun 5/16-27 threads
black powder 10/32 threads
Gun Cleaning Rod Diameter
.17 cal. .156 or 5/32"
.22 cal. .203 or 13/64"
.30 cal. .250 or 1/4"

A: All Outers brushes, mops and rods were changed to fit other manufactures rods and accessories in 2003. Old Outers .22-.280 cal accessories can be used in our current rods without the use of an adapter.

Q: What is included with the Foul Out III system?

A: The kit includes the following items: Foul Out III control unit, AC power adapter, 8 fl. oz bottle of both Cop Out Plus and Lead Out Plus, one 30" stainless steel rod, four sizes of bore plugs and sixteen o-rings for 22 cal through 45 cal.

Q: How long does it take to clean a firearm when using the Foul Out III system?

A: For this step, we recommend using Outers® Nitro Solvent and Outers® Crud Cutter Degreaser

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